Kord's Deliverance

Session 20

A great celebration was held to celebrate the Spring Solstice and the return of trading season. Sylvoth asked the party to accompany the year’s first caravan to Hammerfast. The party easily dispatched a small group of orc raiders that attacked the caravan.

Once in Hammerfast, Gheshkan and Morgan contacted the Church of Kord and established good relations with the priests there. A call for skilled labourers to work on the Ironhews Church of Kord was left with the stonemason’s guild.

The party remained in Fallcrest for a few days before leaving again, this time heading back to Kalton Manor. Thanks to the research he and Morgan undertook during the winter, Gwydion was able to unravel the drow seal and the group proceeded to enter the Underdark. They encountered two groups of hostile drow – the second of which was lead by a priestess of Llolth carrying a symbol of House Obaskyr.

Session 19

The party extended their hospitality to yet another group of refugees and Fallcrest found itself inheriting Fastormel’s 60 citizens just before the winter’s first snowfall.

Despite rationing and minor conflicts between new and old residents, the winter passed without serious incident.

Session 18

The party sailed across the massive lake and approached the small town of Fastormel. They found evidence of ongoing conflict, but it seemed that the citizens had managed to fend off the cult. A group of adventurers based in Fastormel met with the party and agreed to shelter them for the evening. Despite the downtrodden atmosphere, Morgan seemed quite impressed with the efficiency of the town’s defense.

A massive attack came against the town the following morning. The defenders fought bravely and managed to break the attackers, but not before suffering great casualties – including two of the adventurers from Fastormel.

Session 17

After withdrawing from the village to find a safe place for the rescued villagers, the party returned to finish scouring the cult from Nenlast.

Attracted by the sounds of fighting, they advanced and found themselves facing a huge figure wielding a massive axe. Though nearly as big as an ogre, Gwydion quickly recognized the figure as a noble goliath. After a brief parlay, they agreed that their purposes were aligned and Bokamaki, the goliath warden, joined the group.

Bok proved a valuable ally as the party fought their way through the cultists. In all, the party rescued 28 villagers – the only survivors of the cult’s atrocities.

With the possibility of snow looming, the party decided to speed up their travel by sailing across the lake to their next destination. The surviving villagers were sent back to Fallcrest in the care of Barstomunn and his men.

Session 16

The party advanced into the village, fighting their way through several groups of cultists and rescuing the few remaining citizens.

Session 15

After a brief stop back in Fallcrest, the party continued their tour of the Vale – this time heading northeast to Lake Nen. As part of their efforts to encourage trade, the party decided to bring Barstomunn Strongbeard as a representative of Fallcrest’s merchants.

After several days travel they reached the village of Nenlast and were ambushed by a small force of cultists.

Session 14

The party entered the dungeon beneath the ruins of Kalton Manor and encountered heavy resistance from snake cultists. Powerful magic users lead many soldiers but they proved no match for Kord’s Deliverance.

While investigating the lowest level of the dungeon, the party found evidence of several powerful cultists having been slain – possibly by drow. Their suspicions seemed confirmed when they found a powerful warding spell Gwydion believed must have been created by a drow wizard.

Session 13

Upon leaving the dungeon, the party confronted Winterhaven’s mayor. It turns out the mayor was in possession of one of the shards – similar to those the party had discovered in other parts of the Vale. This particular shard had allowed him to live much longer than a human normally could, but it had also robbed him of his freedom. In the end the mayor attacked the party, forcing them to kill him.

The party offered sanctuary to the unfortunate residents of Winterhaven. Their offer was accepted and 150 citizens were added to Fallcrest’s population.

Lord Marquelhay asked the party to continue their tour of the vale in hopes of promoting trade relations. The party acquiesced and headed south. Along the road they defeated a group of disguised cultists and obtained another shard.

On impulse, they decided to investigate the ruins of Kalton Manor and found evidence suggesting it may be occupied by hostile forces.

Session 12

The party descended to the bottom level of the complex and contended with several watery challenges. The master of the complex and her minions used a strange but effective cannon device to nearly confound the party in a climactic battle. In the end, Kord’s Deliverance prevailed despite the clever tactics of their cultist foes.

Session 11

The party made a foray into the dungeon beneath Winterhaven and encountered a strong force of troglodytes and snake cultists.

After a few very difficult encounters, the party decided to leave the dungeon and regroup.


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