Kord's Deliverance

Session 1
We Meet the Heroes

After a day of challenging contests and a grand feast, Lord Marquelhay announced the formation of a new band of heroes with the following speech:

“Throughout its history, the town of Fallcrest has prospered alongside its heroes. A hundred years ago, our heroes fell to the orc hordes and the town was nearly erased from existence. Thanks to our dwarven friends in Hammerfast, the people of Fallcrest were able to survive and my grandfather lead the people back to rebuild. Since that time, however, new heroes have not risen and the town has not thrived.”

“I believe with my whole heart that a new time has arrived for Fallcrest. These gifted young people; these promising, powerful heroes will surely be able to lead us into a new era of prosperity. Let us all lift our glasses and toast to their health. Let all the gods and every citizen of Fallcrest grant them blessing!”

Gheshkan – Dragonborn paladin of Kord and heir to a long line of Fallcrest’s protectors.
Morgan – Dwarven cleric of Kord and member of the Ironhews Clan.
Gwydion – Eladrin apprentice to Magister Nimozaran of the Septarch’s Tower.
Slyron – Clever Elven trickster who has discarded the woodland path followed by his kin.

The first mission given to the new heroes was to investigate the increased activity of kobold raiders in the area. They were pointed to a ruined manor to the North-West.

The party entered an underground complex and did battle with many kobolds, including their mighty champion: Slithik. Though Slithik proved to be a challenge, the party rose to the occasion and the kobold clan was forced to yield their ill-gotten treasures.

Session 2
Stolen Heirlooms

To celebrate the first successful foray by the new heroes, Lord Marquelhay declared an expanded market day. As part of the festival, several important artifacts from Fallcrest’s history were to be brought from Moonstone Keep to the Market Square. However, an unfortunately timed attack by a band of kobolds lead to the heirlooms being stolen along with several townspeople.

The party gave chase and managed to track the kobolds to their lair – an old crypt built by several families that were wiped out by the orc hordes a hundred years ago. The crypt proved to be both expansive and well protected but the party managed to fight their way through the upper portion and rescued Adronsius.

Session 3
Deeper Into Rivenroar Crypt

During their exploration of the crypt the party came across evidence suggesting that the kobold band were worshippers of Zehir. During an examination of some other treasures, they also noted that Morgan’s new hammer contained a strange magical object – a shard of a larger object that radiated vast power.

Several tough skirmishes left the party tired and battered but they managed to rescue another captive – Mirtala. They also discovered the body of Sergeant Kartenix.

Session 4
Rivenroar Continued

The party continued to battle their way through the many dangers in the crypt and managed to account for all the remaining captives. After setting up a small camp and equipping Adronsius to stand guard over the townspeople, the group proceeded to the final level of the crypt. Their brief interrogations of the kobolds previously encountered suggest that the leader of the tribe is still alive and waiting…

Session 5
Conquering Rivenroar

The leader of the kobolds proved to be a stealthy lizardfolk assassin named Sinruth. Though he put up a vicious fight, the party proved too powerful. Their efforts were rewarded both with magical items and the stolen treasures from Fallcrest. A further item of interest was the shard fused to the lizardfolk’s forehead – it was a near match to the one from Morgan’s hammer…

Session 6
Under the Bluffs

Lord Marquelhay declared another Special Market Day to further honour the heroes and to thank them for their efforts. Leaders from each of the major churches in town presented the party with gifts:

Dirina of Erathis and Ressilmae of Sehanine each presented them with a ritual book. Grundelmar of Pelor offered potions of healing.

Captain Tarowyn returned from Hammerfast and had a meeting with the party, congratulating them and pledging his aid. He also requested their assistance regarding a missing group of guardsmen. The group had been sent to investigate a newly-opened crack in the Catacombs beneath the town.

The party entered the crack and discovered a series of natural and manufactured passages leading deep into the Underdark.

An altar dedicated to Zehir took possession of Morgan and Gheshkan, nearly resulting in Gheshkan being presented as an offering to the dark god. Fortunately, Gwydion’s eladrin resistance to charms allowed him to destroy the altar before the sacrifice could be completed.

While his companions contended with the altar, Slyron decided to go for a nice, long swim…

Session 7
Further Under the Bluffs

Cursing Slyron for his impetuousness, the rest of the party started a long crawl down the only other obvious exit from the altar room. They managed to connect with Slyron and proceeded into a larger section of the caves.

Their next encounter was with a strange old crone named Melissa. She claimed to have been a resident of the caves for many years and warned the party of the presence of a new power in the area.

The party experienced the new power first hand in an epic battle against a group of lizardfolk. Morgan was slain in the battle but the rest of the party managed to finish off the lizards and recover his body. Melissa assisted them in getting Morgan’s body out of the dungeon and they rushed to the House of the Sun in Fallcrest, hoping to have Grundelmar raise him…

Session 8
Morgan's Return

Though his spirit refused the call from Grundelmar, Gwydion was more convincing, and Morgan rejoined the party.

They returned to the dungeon and fought their way through a series of drow-built fortifications to rescue a large group of captives held by the snake cult. Among the captives were the surviving guardsmen and Reldir Deepdelve, a master builder from Hammerfast who was captured while en route to Fallcrest to begin work on the Ironhews Church of Kord. They also rescued a young drow named Sulra who claimed to be a nobleman of House Obaskyr. Despite misgivings, the party agreed to let him go. In exchange he showed them a secret passage leading further into the dungeon.

The passage lead to a deadly encounter with a high priest of a snake cult. Though the battle was hard-fought, the party triumphed with no casualties and claimed the snake cult’s treasures.

Session 9
A Rescue

The party spent some time in town helping Reldir coordinate plans for the new Ironhews Church of Kord. Another welcome addition to the town arrived in the form of Telegar of Kord a high ranking dwarven priest of Kord from Hammerfast who intends to stay and help with the construction and sanctification of the new temple.

The party was soon called away from town again, however, when Slyron’s parents arrived with an injured caravan worker. He told of an attack by a large and organized party of orcs that captured his master and several wagons full of valuable goods. The party decided to investigate and managed to rescue the caravan master, Sylvoth.

Session 10
Heading North

Lord Marquelhay asked the party to travel north along the Trade Way and to attempt to re-affirm trade relations with the towns along it.

They spent a night at a once-prominent but now abandoned abbey and discovered further evidence of tough times when they arrived to see that the village of Winterhaven had been burned and ransacked recently.

They made contact with survivors and discovered a series of caverns beneath the town that connected to the basement of the mayor’s house…


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