Armies on the East Horizon

Gwydion was the new master of the tower, a fact of which he was quick to inform Morgan. A stirring discussion developed over ownership of the tower, and inclusion into the Guild of Mages. A unhappy medium was found to assuage the differing factions.

Debate over the next move. Return to the tower, or head to Hammerfast. A group of dwarves arrived, one being the mayor of hammerfast himself, and informed the eastern flank of the stronghold was under a form of siege. Armies from the far east had marched up to the gate and demanded to be allowed through. They claimed to be chasing another army, this one of Zehir cultists and traitors. However, having harried them up to the edge of the mountains at the pass into Hammerfast, their quarry disappeared, leading the pursuers to believe the army had been allowed into the dwarven complex. Not so, said the mayor.

Kord’s Deliverance was keen as to the whereabouts of this army, and promised to be in Hammerfast in two days. Before gating there, however, they teleported back into the tower, and looked for clues. Gwydion discovered the teleportation circle was also keyed to another specific location, which the amulet Nimozeran wore could trigger. However, it was one way only.

After looting and returning back to the tower, Kord’s Deliverance headed to Hammerfast to investigate. After talking to the head of the Three Army coalition, one Kronos Elthorg, the party struck out in search of the missing wargroup. Clues, investigation, and a bit of divine communing lead Kord’s Deliverance back into the Nentir vale at Thunderspire Mountain. There, they hoped, they would find the answers to the many confusing questions that had arisen in the last few days.

Unfortunately, the golems they ran into were not the talkative types. Fist and foot collided with sword and shield in a very evenly matched battle on the edge of the cliffside.

Armies on the East Horizon

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