Death from the Shadows

return to Fallcrest

Ghesh’s inspiring speech with subtleties of mccarthyism. several suspects spotted, including one Par Winnameer, proprietor of the Blue Moon Tavern.

A harsh interrogation reveals some information. Slyron decides to use Asha’s Hat of Disguise to take Par’s place at the tavern, wait for contact from the zehir.

Gwydion making items.

Asha visits the temple of Pelor.

Ghesh doing pushups.

Morgan, deciding that the others were too soft and would refuse to allow him to do what he wants, goes off on his own to confront the other suspects. A wife is threatened, a dog gets killed. And more importantly, a deadly assassin attacks Morgan from the shadows of an alleyway. Morgan, back on his heels, lets out the loudest yell he can muster and drops a flamestrike upon his enemy.

His companions hear and see the divine explosion, and come running to his aid. just in time.

Slyron searches the ninja’s body, finds the smallest tattoo on the bottom of the left heel. An assassin cult from far to the south.

Morgan retires to their manor to rest. All his healing powers were expended.

Gwydion returns to his tower, Slyron to the Blue Moon Tavern.

Asha traces Morgan steps, both shamed by Morgan’s distrust in them, and suspicious of his investigative methods.

Gheshkan goes to the cathedral to check on construction progress. And there, he sees…


Silvoth came running towards the paladin, abject panic mottling his features nearly beyond recognition. Before Gheshkan could move, however, a blast of blackened light split the innkeeper asunder. Ghesh could hardly decide what was more horrifying: the dying innkeeper in front of him, or the fact that his body was disintegrating into thousands of twitching, charred beetles. A Lamia.

“Yes,” came the words from above. “I’m afraid Jelvistra’s brother was not performing as well as he should have been. And so, punishment.”

Gheshkan looked up. Into the grinning, bony features of a skeleton, wrapped in tattered robes. And floating 20 feet off the ground.

A lich…

Death from the Shadows

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